Problem: Wet Well Corrosion Deterioration

Solution: PureEpoxy Protective Coating

HISTORY: The exisisting structure had been in service for many years, but hydrogen sulfide attack caused the cement to deteteriorate.

CLEANING: Water blasting at 3500psi removed the deteriorated cement. The surface was smoothed with a rapid setting high strength cement. Aftger curing the cement was sandblasted to remove laitance amd to promote adhesion with the new PureEpoxy coating.

LINING: NeoPoxy NPR-5300 Series was used to protect the wet well. Prior to lining the cement was tested for acceptable moisture content. The lining was applied at 125mills. Spark testing was performed to insure that pinholes were not present and any found were simply touched-up with the same epoxy.

RESULTS: The wet well has been in service now for two years without any deterioration. PureEpoxy stands the test of time.