Problem: Understrength Concrete Manhole

Solution: PureEpoxy Structural Liner


Top: Chimney seal flexible epoxy.

Bottom : View from bottom.

HISTORY: Although of fairly recent origin, a series of 42 concrete structure were determined to be sub-strength and in need of reinforcement and protective lining. The average depth was greater than 30 feet.

CLEANING: Water blasting at 3500psi removed laitance and other existing debris and created a profile for the new PureEpoxy structural liner.

LINING: NeoPoxy NPR-5304 was used. This product is capable of application at 250mils in a single lift. The entire depth was lined at 250mils and then the bottom half was built-up to 500mils with a second application. NeoPoxy resins bond perfectly to each other and the end result was a monolithic structural liner that will last for decades.

RESULTS: The manholes were rehabilitated in record time and wall thickness and are currently in service. PureEpoxy liners saved the day.