Problem: Food Process Waste Corrosion

Solution: Troweled PureEpoxy Structural Liner


Top: Original surface profile.
Center : Prepared for lining.
Bottom: Finished PureEpoxy liner.

HISTORY: A well known Napa Valley, California winery concrete process waste treatment sump was badly corroded from food acids. Lower third of 5 foot diameter, 15 foot deep sump has deep corrosion with large aggregate present after pressure washing. The sump is only a few years old and needed a long-term corrosion protection and strengthening at the lower level.

CLEANING: Water blasting at 5000 psi removed deteriorated cement and food waste byproducts. A excellent profile was created for the new PureEpoxy liner.

LINING: NeoPoxy NPR-5304, which is capable of application at over 250mils in a single lift, was hand troweled. Two-thirds of the depth was lined at 125 mils and the bottom third at 250mils. Large quantities of PureEpoxy completely filled, smoothed and reinforced the exposed aggregate surfaces.The resulting monolithic liner will easily withstand the rigors of industrial service at a critical plant service point.

RESULTS: The sump was rehabilitated in one day. Pumps were replaced the same day and the winery began its critial fall wine processing on the very next day.