Problem: Cracked Water Pipe

Solution: FiberPipe-2000 Point Repair

HISTORY: The 12" steel pipelinehad been subjected to overhead point loading causing the pipe to crack circumfrentually.

CLEANING: Water blasting at 10,000psi removed all deposits.

LINING: NeoPoxy NPR-2000 was used along with a specialized fiber reinforcement to provide a high-strength pipe section within the damaged host pipe. To eliminate thermal schrinkage the repair was cured at ambient pipe temperature.

RESULTS: Pipe saved, leakage stopped. NeoPoxy NPR-2000 Series epoxy is approved for potable water use in pipelines six inches and larger and to an epoxy thickness of two inches. NPR-2000 is the only epoxy resin approved to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 thickness of two inches.