Manhole coated with structural epoxy resin NPR-5305 from Neopoxy Coating pump station  with structural epoxy resin NPR-5303 from Neopoxy

Case Histories

  1. Problem:Massive Hydrogen Sulfide Attack

    Solution:Direct-To-Aggregate Liner

  2. Problem:Wet Well Corrosion Deterioration

    Solution:PureEpoxy Protective Coating

  3. Problem:Understrength Concrete Manhole

    Solution:PureEpoxy Structural Liner

  4. Problem:Cracked Water Pipe

    Solution:FiberPipe-2000 Point Repair

  5. Problem:Food Process Waste Corrosion

    Solution:Troweled PureEpoxy Structural Liner

  6. Problem:Sealing CIPP to Manhole

    Solution:Epoxy Liner & Sealant to CIPP

  7. Problem:Low Adhesive Strength To Concrete

    Solution:Direct-To-Aggregate Bonding Method