Solvent-Free PVC Epoxy Adhesive

universal adhesive used with flexible Top Hat systems

These are the only epoxy resins capable of truly bonding PVC to most other surfaces, even under water. Truly unique!

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Adhesive With CIPP Felt Used To Reconnect Lateral from PVC Slip Lined Pipe to Original Lateral

Using standard vacuum impregnation techniques, thermoplastic felt carrier and a few simple tools laterals may be reinstated without excavation either by man entry or robitic technilques. Bonding PVC liners is particularly challenging. However, using NeoPoxy NPR-3202 adhesive makes the process simple and sure. The following photos demonstrate the sequence of installing a top hat from a PVC spiral wound pipe to an existing lateral. Grouting, if required, is performed after lateral connections are made. This project was successfuly completed for a large sewer district in Southern California.

Top Hat Dry Top Hat Wet Out Top Hat Felt Brim
Installing Top Hat system Installing Top Hat backer Top Hat demo

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