50-Year Design-life Engineered Lining Systems

Epoxy resins

The world's most advanced 100% solids, moisture tolerant infrastructure epoxy systems. More than 50 unique epoxy resins designed for superior infrastructure service in the most extreme corrosion and application conditions.

Pipelines, manholes, wet wells, cured in-place pipe, flooring, and much, much more. These resins deliver the solutions you have been seeking in both rehabilitation and construction projects.

Epoxy resins with a proven performance record!

Independent Laboratory Tested.

Compliant to ASTM standards

Epoxy corrosion resistant structural liners, protective coatings, heat resistant manhole liners and CIPP resins. Adhesives for PVC bonding to similar and dissimilar materials, even underwater. Flexible chimney seals, joint sealant and concrete repair epoxy. Protect and rehabilitate manholes, wet wells, clarifiers, potable water tanks, pipelines, sumps, lift stations; all infrastructure systems. Moisture tolerant, 100% solids, with outstanding adhesion to concrete, brick, gunnite and metals.